Doomsday Web App! (iPhone and Android Ready)

Atomic Power!

Doomsday, or perhaps Winter, is coming!
The Mayans, and John Cusack, would lead you to believe that Doomsday is approaching.

Make sure to get the Doomsday Web App to prepare!
Simply click the link above and add it to your Home Screen!
It couldn't be easier, and it's absolutely free!
(Of course, you'll need to do all of this on your phone)

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Why waste time saving for your 401k when the End of the World is right around the corner? Spend that money on a shirt or a mug.
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We have new stuff in the works.
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NetHelper- The best network app for the Palm WebOS!


Atomic-Labs likes to promote mad-scientistry in all its forms. This app is the perfect pocket tool for the network guru or aspiring world-renowned hacker that will dominate the world with their hacking prowess (everyone has to start somewhere).

Taking that into account, this is the perfect app for starting down that direction. In its current form, it provides you the capability of determining both your Wifi IP address and WAN IP address (IP provided by your network provider). When working towards the goal of world domination, you may find it necessary to create a network cable or two. This tool kit provides you with a short description and diagrams for T568A, T568B, and crossover cable terminations. Why should you spend your valuable time memorizing color combinations? Maybe you need to convert a number to binary, hex, or octal . . . well you can do that with the included number converter. Test your bandwidth speed? You can run a test on your current using one of the handy buttons provided. There will be additional functionality added in the near future. Download this app today and begin your ascendance to supremacy!

Now available in the Palm Pre App Catalog!
Click the link below . . .

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What is The Spirit Orb?

Examples of the Spirit Orb

One of our premiere apps for the Palm WebOS. . . The Spirit Orb!

Forged and programmed outside of the enigmatic hills of Stonehenge by 665 necromancers (one called in sick that day). The Spirit Orb utilizes both technology and the realm of mysticism to bring forth answers from the great beyond. Fortune telling on a completely different level. It will answer the questions that you dare to ask revealing knowledge that will be unquestionably accurate.

Individual results may vary.

The Spirit Orb is now available on the Palm App Catalog!

Click the link below to download the app to your phone:

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Coming soon! Apps for Android and iOS?

We've received several requests to have our apps ports to other platforms.Specifically, people have been asking for them to available on Android and iOS devices. Atomic-Labs is looking at making this request a reality! We aren't going to ditch WebOS completely, and we hope that it makes a triumphant return. In the meantime, be on the lookout for Atomic-Labs to make an appearance on your Apple iPhone or Android device. Stay tuned for future updates!